"Test IT" plugin for JIRA

To connect Test IT and Jira properly, you need to install the "Test IT" plugin in Jira. 1) Log in to Jira with administrator rights, then go to the "Applications" section

2) Go to Atlassian Marketplace for JIRA ("Application Management"> "Find New Application")

3) Find an application named "Test IT", click "Install".

4) The plugin is installed, now you need to configure it. Go to plugin settings.

5) The plugin has two settings: the URL of your Test IT instance and the list of projects in Jira that need to be integrated with Test IT. After completing the configuration, click "Save".

When installing the plugin, the following entities will be added to JIRA: Fields: testResultId - contains the case result ID.

hiddenSteps - description of the case in HTML format, converted into a readable form in the "TestCase" field of the request. Buttons: Create TestCase - creates a test case in the Test IT library based on the parameters of the JIRA request. Types of requests: TestCase is an automatically created duplicate of a test case from the Test IT library. To duplicate tests in the Test IT project settings, you must mark the "Create copies of tests in JIRA" checkbox Link types:

Tests - a link from the TestCase request type to another request type, establishes the link "This request has tested request X", where X is a link to the request in Tests.

Tested By - a link from any type of request, except TestCase, to a request of type TestCase, establishes the link "This request has been tested by request X", where X is a link to the request in Tested By. The plugin is installed and configured. Use this instruction to complete the integration. For instructions on how to create a Jira connection, go here.