Jira OAuth 1.0 connection setup

At Jira Server (Administration -> Applications) or Jira Cloud (Settings -> Products), create a link to our application (Application links).

Fill in the fields to create a link to the application.

Please make sure to mark the checkbox next to "Create incoming link".

It's important to memorize the Consumer key value that you provide. Request Token URL, Access token URL, Authorize URL might contain any values.

Fill in the "Incoming link" form.

You can take the Public key value from Test IT's Jira OAuth 1.0 integration setup window.

Consumer key value in Test IT is the one that you provided at Jira while creating a link to the application.

Once the Public key value is pasted in the "Incoming link" form, press "Continue" and connection will happen.

At Test IT's "New connection" form press the "Create Connection" button and you'll be redirected to the "Access confirmation" window, then press "Allow".

Once the access is granted, you'll be redirected to the page with a response message: "Access is allowed! Access token: VHIVT1YhkRREuhITJKULeJ6yfnmAu6fb Access token secret: wf4veCDUi9Guwk8XQ0CE7RefwEDuT4Vd"

Paste these values into corresponding fields and press the "Test" button in the "New connection" form. If the test is successful (Connection successful. Press save button to continue), press the "Save" button.

Please note that in order to connect a different Jira's admin user (change issue's reporter), you need to create the application link over again with a new public key and at Jira authorize the user you want to connect with the Test IT in the same web browser session. At the "New connection" form in Test IT click "Create connection" and grant access to the Jira account, fill in the newly generated access token and access token secret values, and then test the connection and save it.